NOLA’s Luminous Magic: A Guided Tour of its Lights

Bursting like celestial jewels, fireworks over the Mississippi River painted the night sky with a mesmerizing starry display

In the vibrant chaos of New Orleans, I went on a mission to find the brightest lights in town. I strolled down the streets, collecting explosive moments, from riverside fireworks to garlands and bulbs that transformed dark alleyways into dazzling constellations.

My starlit strolls included:

  1. Bourbon street after dark
  2. Jazz by moonlight in the French Quarter
  3. Ghosts glowing up the Hotel Monteleone
  4. Gas lamps in Jackson Square – i.e. Muriel’s, the most haunted restaurant in New Orleans
  5. Lafitte’s blacksmith shop – i.e. sailor, diplomat, spy + hero of the Battle Of New Orleans


After losing this house in a poker game, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan committed suicide upstairs in 1814. His ghost doesn’t appear human, but as a glimmer of sparkly light. There’s even a séance room that guests can visit that honors Jourdan’s spirit.

Amid the lively streets of the French Quarter, horse-drawn carriages clip-clopped to the rhythm of the starlit streets

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