Glowing Pumpkins in Austin!

If 7,500 hand-carved pumpkins isn’t the perfect blog entry for my new “Chasing Light” series, I don’t know what is!

Austin + Cape Town = Live Music Love

Now that I’m in Austin, I notice how similar the two cities are when it comes to their love for live music. In Cape Town, Skybok filmed many bars that were essentially stages for local artists to get a kick start into a competitive industry. (See my post on it here). It’s no different here in…

Photo: South Congress Grackles, Austin

Taken downtown Austin! There are a lot of grackles (the “great tailed grackle” and known by some as “the devil bird”). Grackles are a “colonizing” bird and gather in large flocks. They have been migrating north and west from south Texas and Mexico.  

Travel Quote of The Week

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” – Benjamin Spock *Taken at Paramount Theatre in Austin