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G-STAR Presents RAW Episode 2 with Daniel Popper

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Where RAW Episode 1 introduced the world of musician Yuna Zarai in Los Angeles, the new chapter picks up in Cape Town, South Africa and explores its diverse landscape with installation artist Daniel Popper. He’s had huge success creating massive installations at events around the world. Now he’s expanding his talents by designing the interior for a new Cape Town nightclub and building the four story Nelson Mandela Tree of Wisdom.


My Life in Africa, South Africa

Mandela’s Legacy For Me

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Tamika Doubell South Africa


Anyone who knows me knows I’m proudly South African. Mandela’s passing had a huge effect on me as this country said goodbye to its most cherished soul. I was living in Cape Town at the time & all around me there were Madiba posters & South African flags waving in the streets. One day there was a huge concert to pay tribute to him at the Cape Town Stadium. Madiba has taught me so many lessons. When I think about it, he was the first one who taught me to get involved in my community where I could & work with others to strive for the better.


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Doubell Machines Blog

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So something I’ve been working on is the blog for Doubell Machines. Tadaa! Here it is: Proudly Mandela Bay: The Lives Behind Your Doubell Machine. Again, I’m discovering my “inner designer” and enjoying it so much. There’s still a little to be done here and there, but after weeks of staff interviews, scanning, photographing and shooting, it is launched!