G-STAR Presents RAW Episode 2 with Daniel Popper

Where RAW Episode 1 introduced the world of musician Yuna Zarai in Los Angeles, the new chapter picks up in Cape Town, South Africa and explores its diverse landscape with installation artist Daniel Popper. He’s had huge success creating massive installations at events around the world. Now he’s expanding his talents by designing the interior for a new Cape Town nightclub and building the four story Nelson Mandela Tree of Wisdom.

Daniel Popper

Coinciding with RAW Night Cape Town, the launch of the brand in South Africa, G-Star visited Daniel to learn about everything involved in his creations, from the initial inspiration, research and raw materials, to the collaborations with people who help him get it made. For RAW Episode 2 Daniel reveals his favourite spots in Cape Town, like the beautiful parks where he gets his inspiration, the recycling centres where he looks for raw materials and the workshops where he builds his creations.

At the Rootform art space Daniel shows the construction of his largest piece to date, the four-story tree he was asked to design for the Nelson Mandela School for Science and Technology. It was designed with the hopes that it will inspire the students for years to come. “The sculpture represents the knowledge and wisdom of our most important leader and what is possible when the human imagination and technology come together.”

The Mandela Monument has been unveiled to the public a week before the launch of RAW Episode 2 in a special ceremony. Episode 2 launched on Feb 3, 2014, also on a new mobile site designed especially for RAW episodes, which boasts intuitive navigation mechanics that mimic that of native smartphone applications giving users a familiar and intuitive way to discover content.

G-Star RAW. Just the Product.

Daniel Popper

G-Star RAW is the innovative denim brand. Since 1989, G-Star has been a denim pioneer that is known for its directional and cutting edge style. Its philosophy has always been “Just the product” with a focus on denim craftsmanship and innovation. G-Star originated the concept of 3D denim in 1996 with the introduction of the G-Star Elwood, and dedication to untreated RAW denim, which created a revolution within the denim industry. g-star.com

Daniel Popper

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