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So something I’ve been working on is the blog for Doubell Machines. Tadaa! Here it is: Proudly Mandela Bay: The Lives Behind Your Doubell Machine. Again, I’m discovering my “inner designer” and enjoying it so much. There’s still a little to be done here and there, but after weeks of staff interviews, scanning, photographing and shooting, it is launched!


Staff profiles of the office staff are along the right hand side. You will also find staff profiles of the factory workers. There is a videos category, as well as a category for our current initiatives such as the recent “going green” project. I encourage you to click on the various pages along the top under the heading, especially on the “about” page. This blog is linked to our official website and will be updated constantly with current events and happenings. I had the choice to scan in all the photos of old trade shows, conventions, machinery, press coverage and customers dating back to when my mother and late father founded the business in the 80’s, but we currently do have a full archive of those on our main website here if you are interested. For a full listing of products as well as more about each machine, including videos of them in operation, see that on our main website here. For info on research, training, franchising, current specials and the swopyard, see our website. You can also get a full company profile on our main website here. This blog only showcases a few select pictures but primarily it’s purpose is to showcase the lives behind your Doubell Machine. The people that make up the business, as well as the clients who benefit from it. It is current, fresh, fun and personal! P.s. don’t you love the name “Proudly Mandela Bay?” 😉 Check out our Facebook page, as well as our YouTube Channel.

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