Exhibition at the Ron Belling Art Gallery

I’m back in PE for a bit. I love exploring and so this past weekend I found a gorgeous little coffee shop that’s recently opened up called “Brioche”. I just adore it. Especially their sticky almond croissants. They have a nice craft shop next door with all sorts of things for sale. I liked some unusual chairs that I found… not to mention a basil plant with a hand-made green cover that had my name on it!

I also discovered another cute place belonging to a good family friend of ours, Dessie. I’m a huge fan of sweets, so this place is probably very bad for me because as you walk in to ‘The Tin Shack On Cuyler’, you’re met with rows and rows of sweets from the Treat Company.

Something else I did recently which was very cool was an art exhibition at The Ron Belling Art Gallery. An artist named Duncan Stewart was showing his latest creations from his recent trip to Pakistan. He trekked up the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan and has returned with art based on what he saw. It’s deeply spiritual and very profound to see all that he saw through his work, especially reading the accompanying write-ups to each painting which explain a little more about what he was thinking when he painted it and how he was inspired. Don’t you just love culture?

There was a wall covered in photographs and sketches from his journey… and it was so mind-boggling to see how he stayed in a tent in the freezing snow at one stage. I don’t think I could ever do that. I’m all for spiritual journeys but yikes, Brrrr! He met so many different kinds of people which was fascinating to see. I liked his landscapes but I must say that I prefer people when it comes to art because of the emotions you can see on their faces. Here is one work which I really liked, called ‘Twittering’.

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