Filming Zingela Archery in Jeffrey’s Bay for Skybok

For best viewing quality, make sure to set the viewing settings to 1080p HD by clicking on the cog at the bottom right-hand corner of the video as it plays.

I always like to blog about the more interesting places we shoot for Skybok………and, well, there’s no doubt that Zingela Archery in Jeffrey’s Bay is one of them. It’s hidden along the R102 between Humansdorp and Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and is a very cool spot once you arrive. I was certainly introduced to a whole new world I never knew existed when we came to shoot their video profile for them. A fantastic place and a pleasure filming it! I’ve come to learn that it is, in fact, a huge sport with a massive amount of people who love it. In my opinion it’s a nice hobby and certainly after filming these people doing it, I paid more attention to the archery at The Olympics!

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