Top 10 Foods That Will Keep You Hydrated

healthy foods which keep you hydrated

Reblogged from Healthy Food Mind, I just loved this article on which fruits & veg keep us hydrated the most! We get thirsty very often in these hot summer days because our body is forced to cool down through perspiration. This drains significant amounts of fluid out of the organism. If you didn’t know, the thirst is a kind of an emergency alert and occurs just after the body loses more than 1% water. The best way to avoid dehydration is to regularly drink small amounts of water even when not thirsty. However, avoid ice cold water because it depletes the body. Include more vegetables, fruits and salads in your diet, which will give you more water and less calories. In this way you will hydrate your body properly and at the same time you’ll get lot of electrolytes, which are necessary for the bodily functions. Foods with high water content are cucumbers, lettuce, melons and more. Here are some foods and the percentage of water they contain:

Cucumbers: 96%
Crystal salad: 95%
Tomatoes: 94%
Peppers: 94%
Watermelon: 91%
Strawberries: 91%
Spinach: 91%
Melon: 90%
Peaches: 89%
Pineapples: 86%

To get you started, here are some genius ways to enjoy watermelon. Check out more interesting facts and cool designs on my Health Board on Pinterest ❤

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