Mount Vernon


sunset at mount vernon
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon

As George Washington’s adopted hometown, Alexandria is a “best of” when it comes to the spectrum of sites and events associated with the nation’s first president.

And only eight miles south of Old Town Alexandria, lies the most visited historic estate in America: George Washington’s Mount Vernon. This is the general’s former home which continues bustling centuries later!

Following on from my post about ferrying to Alexandria earlier this week, I wish to dedicated this post to “Mount Vernon” – home to George Washington – as well as the neighbourhood that houses it, Alexandria, where Washington called home.

I’ve also written about Old Town Alexandria here and the ferry ride to get there from the National Harbor in Washington D.C. here.

Many houses in Alexandria such as this, bear plaques at their doorways to explain their role in history


Mount Vernon offerings guided tours around this very large estate

Fun Facts About Mount Vernon

  1. Since its time as one of Alexandria’s central hubs for commerce and productivity, George Washington’s former estate has been transformed into a museum
  2.  It’s filled with documents and ephemera once belonging to some of the key players in American history.
  3. Today, visitors tour the meticulously-preserved grounds, viewing Washington’s farm, gardens and even his final resting place,
  4. People enjoy discovering life in colonial America first hand.

Fun Facts About Alexandria

There’s something for everyone here: spooky ghost walks and haunted tours, as well as boutiques and gourmet restaurants. If you’re not into that sort of thing; try some dusty pubs and themed drinking holes!

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\Carlyle House is an historic mansion in Alexandria, Virginia, United States, built by Scottish merchant John Carlyle in 1751–53.
Explore scenes from history in Alexandria at another awesome spot: The Carlyle House (relation of George Washington)


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