A Quaint Ferry to Alexandria!

The ferry from the National Harbour in Washington D.C takes you to historical, downtown Alexandria

Washington D.C. was a recent trip where I had the pleasure of experiencing Old Town Alexandria all over again! (The last time I visited was in 2016 and I wrote about it here).

3 Facts About Old Town Alexandria

  1. Many late 18th- and early 19th-century townhouses and warehouses remain in the “Old Town” section of the city, along the west bank of the Potomac River.
  2. Much of present-day Alexandria was included in a 6,000-acre land grant from Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, which was awarded to Robert Howson, an English ship captain, on October 21, 1669.
  3. The Old and Historic District, designated in 1946, was the third historic district in the United States, after Charleston and New Orleans.

​A nationally designated historic district founded in 1749, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia is a welcoming escape on the Potomac River minutes from Washington, D.C. and accessible by water taxis, Metrorail, bike share and more.

3 Things To Do In Washington D.C

  1. Book a trip to Alexandria with Potomac River Boat Company
  2. Have a meal at Gatsby’s Tavern
  3. Tour Gatsby’s Tavern Museum alongside the restaurant

Old Town Alexandria hums with more than 200 independent restaurants and boutiques alongside intimate historic site museums and new happenings at the waterfront.


Be sure to get on the King Street Trolley for free!
National Harbour Washington D.C
View from the River Boat Potomac Company Cruise of “The Capital Wheel” at National Harbour
Close up of “The Capital Wheel” Ferry
Gatsby’s Tavern is a themed fine dining establishment in the heart of Alexandria, dating back to 1770
Moody candlelight sets the mood for dinner


Adjacent to Gatsby’s Tavern is a museum which shows the side of the establishment that was once a boarding house, pub and event hall space
Houses like this bring the neighbourhood to life

Scenes from Gatsby’s Tavern





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