Sundays as Power Days

In my opinion Sundays are the best days of the week. Here are some things I do on Sunday:

  • Listen to a podcast from Joel Osteen and TD Jakes and Joyce Meyer
  • Spend an hour or two reading
  • Watch a film
  • Make a delicious lunch, using recipes from this awesome website.
  • Write out my goals for the week ahead
  • Meditate


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  1. Adam Rundle says:

    Underestimated your bloggingness, very very impressed!

  2. haha! Thanks Adam! I trust you are feeling sufficiently better today:)

  3. My favorite is Saturday but after reading your post , I may change my mind.On Sundays, my family and I enjoy eating dimsums, getting lazy at the beach, watch dvd’s, go to the pool, sleep. Oh, I guess Sunday is my favoritem huh? Love the post. Live the cool life for us. Sorry about your terrifying bungee jumping experience. I won’t even dare it. As for my Chicago post, I meant to pay respect for those who died during it’s initial construction. Strong winds as fast as 30-40 miles per hour can sweep any worker without the right protective device /harness. No rope to hold their fall. Great post. Like the underwater photo, almost magical.

  4. Thank you! ..Wow- did not know that about the Sears Tower!

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