Guet Going!

Tonight, multi-Grammy Award winning David Guetta is rocking Cape Town, South Africa.I am playing his tunes in my earphones all day today – can’t get enough of him!

Many people will tell you he is one their favourite House DJs, as he has some of the best beats of the year. He is always teaming up with the hottest artists and puts out incredible pump up and dance songs. For a night on the jol, he is your guy!

He’s playing at the St Yves Music Festival. And well-known 5FM DJ Poppy is driving all the stage action – lucky girl! Guetta will be live on stage along with AKON who was in part responsible for one of my favourite songs, “Sexy Bitch”.

Guetta’s brand new album is called Nothing But The Beat.

There are supporting acts which include two renowned US DJs who are always ranked amongst the Top 25 American DJs – Joe Bermudez and DJ Jenny LaFemme. Jax Panik is also in the line-up tonight as the openers along with the talented DJ Dean Fuel 🙂 R5 from every ticket that was sold will be donated to The Trust – which represents various charitable organizations in Southern Africa.

Some of his best songs ever include:

1. Sexy Bitch

2. When Love Takes Over

3. Gettin’ Over You

4. Memories

5.On The Dancefloor

6. Love is Gone

7. World Is Mine

8. I Wanna Go Crazy

9. Club Can’t Handle Me

10. One Love

Here is the video of my best 🙂

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