Tamika Interviews Aidan Whytock

This guy’s resume reads like a shopping list of achievements. He’s a lead in South Africa’s first-ever Zombie movie, he has done commercials locally and abroad for the likes of Orbit chewing gum, Maltesers chocolate, Investec bank and more. He’s a Peroni Lifestyle ambassador, he runs his own company, he’s the spokesman for BrightBlack energy conservation (take a breath here), he’s a guitarist in a hard-rock band and he has been scouted by an LA casting director to star in a film being shot there next year!

Goodness Gracious.

Say hello to my next Cape Townian hottie, Aidan Whytock.

I met him for the first time when we did the Top Billing Presenter Search together last year (2010) and since moving to Cape Town this year I’ve seen his name pop up in film festivals, YouTube video searches, Peroni events and nightclub guest lists…

We meet at a gorgeous apartment he shares with three mates in the centre of town; a building quite rightly dubbed ‘The Big Apple’ of Cape Town – offering you the New York lifestyle right here in the Mother City of South Africa.

Pouring me a creamy Ethiopian coffee, I listen to a sophisticated British accent telling me about the screening of his film Zombie One two nights prior.

Slurping on my rich, black Java (no sugars he insists), I sit down to a delectable view of the city and we begin…

Tamika: So we both did the Top Billing Presenter Search! What was the biggest lesson you learnt from that?

Aidan: Yes indeed. The biggest lesson? -Research! Research! & more Research!

Tamika: Where are you from?

Aidan: Uhh, tough question. Well how about you tell me; I was born in Johannesburg and lived there until I was five years old. I left for Singapore until I was thirteen, and then I went to boarding school in the U.K. until I was 18! Now I’m living and working here in Cape Town. So I guess… Planet Earth!!

Tamika: Haha! When did you move to Cape Town?

Aidan: When I was nineteen.

Tamika: What kind of training did you do for acting, if any?

Aidan: I did train a bit. When I was at school I took part in many plays – which is funny because I have a stutter. It’s practically gone now but when I was young it was quite bad. One day my father said to me I should face my fears and so I took part in a play where I had one line to say. It went very well and I realised I loved the stage and through acting I could learn to control my stutter. What followed were lead roles in many school plays, from sixteen years old. Shortly after I moved to Cape Town I did a course at ACT. I also joined ‘Actshop’ – essentially an acting group facilitated by Bjorn Steinbach where actors get together at hone their skills. We play twice a week for two to four hours a session. That’s great and a lot of fun.

Tamika: You’ve acted in a number of short films. What is the most recent you have done?

Aidan: Recently it was a four minute short called The Final Cut which I wrote, directed, produced and starred in. I also wrote the music for it. It showed at the Shnit Festival (https://shnit.org/) and was accepted into the South African Horror Festival. Also, it’s recently been selected by the Callsheet publication to screen at the annual film industry wrap party as an example of South African film. Which I’m very stoked about.

Tamika: Congratulations! Tell us about some of your other short films.

Aidan: Well there’s Zombie One – a 30minute film by City Varsity in which I play one of two leads. It’s shot on 35mm. Basically a zombie virus breaks out in South Africa. I can’t say more – don’t want to spoil it, hehe! The Lovers is another short film which won an award for Best Screenplay at the Shortcuts Film Festival (http://comedyshortcuts.net/) in 2010. It’s by Black Milk Productions, about a man and a woman and the evolution of love through the journey of life. I play the man.

Tamika: What was your role last year in the film Sweetheart by the Be Phat Motel Company? What was that about?

Aidan: It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world and it’s the journey of the last human to find answers. I played one of the people who help the protagonist find her answers.

Tamika: You were also involved in Safehouse which shot here in South Africa starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington! What was your role there?

Aidan: I play Barlow’s CIA guy. I played with actor Brendan Gleeson who is Irish. He’s most well-known for being ‘Mad-Eye Moody’ in Harry Potter and also for being ‘Ken’ in In Bruges with Colin Farrell.

Tamika: What theatre have you been involved with?

Aidan: Well I’ve got something coming up in January – a two-person play. Deets to follow!!

Tamika: You went to Los Angeles for a short time last year? Tell us about that.

Aidan: Yes. I went there in August to go and train at TVI Studios. They offer a five-day course called “Industry Intensive”. Basically it’s a crash course in networking in the L.A. industry. It was intense and a lot of work! While there, I met a casting director who offered me the lead role in a short film called “Ellergy” – a film about South Africa, to be shot over there. It’s set in Apartheid and is loosely based on a true story… about friendship being tested.

Tamika: So are you going to go back to film it?

Aidan: Well I’m looking to move over there, yes. I want to go over there full-time from next year May, once my VISA has been approved.

Tamika: Who is your agent?

Aidan: Paula Pursch.

Tamika: What’s in the pipeline for you at the moment?

Aidan: Well I just finished shooting the British docu-drama Mankind, I’m optioned on a few things now – time will tell!

Tamika: Do you also model?

Aidan: No.

Tamika: What are your favourite South African films?

Aidan: Disgrace and Skeem.

Tamika: Where do you party, usually?

Aidan: Well I’m the Peroni lifestyle ambassador, so I party everywhere!

Tamika: What’s in the boot of your car right now?

Aidan: Uh…. a feather… and a Peroni dress. I’m not saying anymore 🙂

Tamika: Do you have siblings?

Aidan: Yes; a sister and a brother.

Tamika: What does your family do?

Aidan: They’re retired. My dad runs a charity organisation called FRANCO. They live in Franschoek.

Tamika: What is your health routine like?

Aidan: I’m pretty healthy! I also enjoy trail running.

Tamika: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

Aidan: Having a coffee.

Tamika: What’s one interesting thing about you that your followers don’t know?

Aidan: I’m a guitarist in a hard rock band called “qttm”. We played at the Synergy music fest last year. Oh, and that I’m a radio DJ at 2oceansviberadio (Check them out here:https://www.2oceansviberadio.com)

Tamika: Name a place you love.

Aidan: Bantry Boulders, no question. Also the Runyon Canyon in L.A.

Tamika: Do you do any charity work?

Aidan: I’m a facilitator of an organisation that develops individuals to realize their potential.

Tamika: What do you tell yourself when you walk out of an audition?

Aidan: “It’s out of my hands now.”

If you want to follow him on Twitter, he goes by @aidanwhytock

You can also check him out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/aidan.whytock

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