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Outreach in South Africa

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In 2013, the population of South Africa was 52.98 million people. Of those, there are an estimated 9 million people below the poverty line (less than $1 a day). I can’t hope to change all their lives but I can make a difference. I just look around and it’s easy to find places where I can offer assistance. Every charity deserves exposure. I hope to put the spotlight on some of the ones I have come across. I am in the fortunate position to be affiliated with the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay, as my mother was the President (2011-2012) and is now the AG for District 9370. 

How You Can Help

Vistarus Mission Station

Ubomi Obutsha 

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust

+ Khayalethu Children’s Home

+ Greater Food SA

Give Back

+ Prodder

Ashoka South Africa

Aids Foundation South Africa

CHOC – Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

FoodBank South Africa

+ Heifer South Africa

+ Papillon Foundation

+ SOS Children’s Villages South Africa

Starfish Greathearts Foundation – South Africa

+ Thokomala Orphan Care Organisation

Definition of Poverty

“Poverty” is defined as an economic condition of lacking both money and basic necessities needed to successfully live. These include food, water, education, healthcare, and shelter. There are many working definitions of “poverty” with considerable debate on how to best define the term.

Lack of income security, economic stability and the predictability of one’s continued means to meet basic needs all serve as absolute indicators of poverty. Poverty may therefore also be defined as the economic condition of lacking predictable and stable means of meeting basic life needs.

$5 a week

People often don’t realise that as little as $5 can feed a whole family for a week.

My Outreach Work

Feed a Family In South Africa



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