Black Top Rally, Port Elizabeth

As they tell you on their website, The Blacktop Rally is “nothing short of the wildest road trip South Africa has ever seen.” In fact, “it’s a roadtrip of epic proportions, covering between 2,800 – 3,500km of the best backroads South Africa has to offer, sharing the experience with like-minded individuals and experiencing a fantastic adventure.” It kicked off on the 29th of April this year. The six day trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town found itself in Port Elizabeth on Day 4. Well how about that, so did I!

The night before the drivers went to the Scribante track, they all partied in the famous Stanley Street of Port Elizabeth. I had the pleasure of being invited and did an interview with them, as well as took one of the cars for a test drive (awesome). The Black Top Rally’s official sponsor this year was Rockstar Energy Drinks ( As their press release reads, 50 drivers embarked on the roadtrip and there was an incredible variety of cars from old school Plymouth Barracuda’s and Chevelle’s to modern high-tech sports cars such as BMW M3’s and Nissan GT-R’s. Well I got to drive in one and I can assure you they were not playing around!

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