Filming The Artscape Theatre in Cape Town for Skybok

For best viewing quality, make sure to set the viewing settings to 1080p HD by clicking on the cog at the bottom right-hand corner of the video as it plays.

“The Artscape Theatre Centre”, which belongs to the provincial administration, was opened on 19 May 1971 as the Nico Malan Theatre Centre. In line with the new South African political dispensation and the concurrent changes to the complex, it was renamed to “Artscape” in March 2001. Shooting their official video profile for Skybok was an honour. I love the Artscape myself and I remember going to see many an Opera there. One of the perks of having a business in online video profiling showcasing South Africa is in fact just that… getting to see all these magnificent venues that are an absolute credit to South Africa! Being proudly South African, my heart warms up in amidst the cold of Cape Town’s winter when I get to shoot places like these. Not to mention meeting all these fantastic people behind the scenes who are involved in keeping them running!  Editing for hours on end and recording all the voice overs becomes so worthwhile when the final product in done and I watch the profile of whatever venue I am busy with… whether it’s a wine farm, golf estate, nightclub, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, school, resort or a point of interest. A big smile spreads across my face when I know I’ve done a venue justice. One of those instances was when I completed The Artscape. See the video on their website here.

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