Filming Zula Bar in Cape Town for Skybok

For best viewing quality, make sure to set the viewing settings to 1080p HD by clicking on the cog at the bottom right-hand corner of the video as it plays.

Zula Bar, Cape Town’s premier sound bar, is located at number 98 Longstreet. The night we went to shoot was absolutely packed – see for yourself in the video. The line was all the way down the road. It really reflected the vibrant night life of Cape Town, South Africa. I loved that this venue had people coming in to do all sorts – party, have a quiet drink or just have dinner. They do breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day of the week. They have various dance floors in different sections upstairs and downstairs, where people can listen to up to four different types of music on popular nights. You can order a drink and then walk around until you find your kind of music. Come in the week for stand-up comedy acts, acoustic music or bands and on the weekends to club.They’re very well-known for their pizzas if you’re coming in for dinner with friends. They’re open Mondays to Thursdays from 12pm-2am and on Fridays to Saturdays from 12pm -4am.

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