Where Do You Go To Be Alone?

All our lives get very hectic from time to time. We need a time out to pray, meditate, brainstorm and think. Where do you go to do this?

I love to do that here in Cape Town is actually anywhere by the sea. I love the sea, maybe it has something to do with my starsign (I don’t know!) I find that a nice place in that case, is at Caprice in Camps Bay.

I like the view of the sea and the white of the venue. The Grand in Granger Bay is also divine.

I love the open space and the sand. I’ve read that the colour white is very therapeutic, which is what both these places have in common.

White is the color of purity. Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin. White means kindness. In some cultures white is worn at funerals. White is Monday’s color. White daisies are a symbol of loyal love.

– http://crystal-cure.com/white.html

Another place I love is Vovo Telo Bakery & Cafe at the V&A Waterfront here in Cape Town. They do amazing coffees and it’s a gorgeous little place to sit down and have some alone time.

Where’s your place to go and ‘just be’ when things get too much? Do you go to a public place or do you rather take a time out at home? Please cast your vote below, I would love to know!

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