March’s 3 New Things

These are 3 things I would love to do this month in my down time: 

  1. See an arty film. Now I love mainstream films with all their glitzy movie stars and action-packed storylines. They usually leave you with a satisfied and uplifting feel when you leave. You can just mindlessly watch and you’ll enjoy them so much without having to think too hard. But every now and then, I really believe it’s a treat to go and see something you would otherwise never see. Just to broaden your mind and make you think. Art movies are usually much longer than ‘normal’ films and they very often carry with them deep and profound messages. Often they are based on true stories. They don’t always have a happy ending (in fact they almost never do) and they are totally dedicated to depicting life in its rawest form. Here in Cape Town, we have a great Cinema Nouveau at the waterfront. We also have loads of DVD shops and a DVD Nouveau right near where I live. I don’t care if I hire it out or go watch it, my first goal for March is to go see something which I would otherwise never consider watching. 
  2. Bake something! Even if it’s terrible. The last time I baked something was 2 years ago when I did a short cooking course at Silwood. I challenge myself to make a decent milk tart/scone/red velvet cupcake – I’ll figure it out!
  3. Look up interesting things to do in Lisbon. Since I’m going to Lisbon for a Rotary Convention in June, I figure it’s time I compile a really educational list of things to do while I’m there. I don’t want to wait until the last minute, I want to look up beautiful sights, foods, places and spaces I should make sure I see!

Working too hard has got me totally consumed these days. I’m neglecting the side of me that needs down-time … I’m hoping these can provide that for me. What about you? Do you have goals for March? Here are pictures of a course I recently did in cooking at Silwood School of Cookery

Silwood Cookery School (2)

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  1. Kara says:

    This is so inspiring! I love the idea of 3 new things because we can all do 3 new things in one month. It’s small and manageable and it’s not overwhelming like the endless list of to do’s that we tend to create.

    Are you going to Lisbon, as in Portugal? I’ll be going in October and I’ve never been there. I can’t wait to hear you think.

    Have a fun with your new things in March!

    1. – yes, Portugal!! Fantastic that you are also going, can’t wait to compare notes!! hehe. Thanks for the comment & the good wishes 🙂 xoxox

  2. greaaat, specially the baking part. I wish was there i could eat what you bake (at my own risk 😛 jk) im sure you bake great. great post xx

    1. hahahaha! – well i don’t know, only time will tell !! 😛

      1. next time i come to cape, ill comee and seeee what you doo. im sure its gonna be delicious :p

  3. nevaehcosta says:

    I completely relate with you on the last line….neglecting downtime. This was just the inspiration needed 🙂

  4. I will definitely put the update here on my blog!!

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