Ghost walk in… New York

Ghost walk New York
Edgar Allen Poe’s Front Door, where the ghost walk begins

I did a ghost walk when I was recently in New York. If you have been following my blog, you’ll know I love them.

Below are some photos with captions of the most haunted spots in NYC! Feel free to ask questions or give feedback about an awesome ghost walk you have done! (please try leave the name of the company and the city you did it in!)

Ghost walk New York
Steps leading down to the basement…
Ghost walk New York
This is a home in the East Village that has been abandoned for months. Its owners apparently left due to unexplained activity
Ghost walk New York
NYU is very haunted
Ghost walk New York
This fire patrol station – original building – is not only the home to Anderson Cooper… but also one of the most haunted buildings in NYC
Ghost walk New York
A skeleton comes to life at Jekyll and Hyde in the Greenwich Village
Ghost walk New York
Doorway to an abandoned building

Mark Twain’s old home is haunted by his and other ghosts
Mark Twain’s home in New York…
An eerie doorway to a haunted apartment block
A haunted street
The Forbes Media building is said to have multiple spirits
A giant oak tree in Washington Square Park was the site of the last hanging in New York and is still haunted by its victim
A West Village French Restaurant is said to be haunted

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    1. Tami Scripps says:

      Thank you!

  1. Staten Island, New York also has some locations rumored to be haunted. If you ever get a chance to visit try checking out the Conference House.

    1. Tami Scripps says:

      Brilliant! I definitely will! 🙂

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