10 Fun Facts About Newport, Rhode Island!

Newport Rhode Island
A picture perfect harbor on our way into Newport

Highlight on Newport, Rhode Island

We spent a few days in the charming, affluent seaside town of Newport in Rhode Island. It’s where many millionaires had their summer homes during the gilded age, including the Vanderbilts! We were in New York for Christmas and decided to drive through Connecticut to get there! I’ve always wanted to see it.
The weather was freezing! But we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We surrendered to the cold and piled on coats and scarves! Of course we we did the mandatory mansion tour of gilded mansions down Bellevue Avenue, as well as some lighthouse and harbor walks, a ghost walk (of course) and antique shopping… but most especially, I LOVED being in our “Turret Suite” at Castle Hill Inn, a 4-star Forbes Rated Property… Photos below!
Plan your vacation there, now! Nothing like relaxing seaside air and salty walked along the cliff. It remind me of my home town in South Africa.
A visit to The Classic Coast—nine vibrant and historic towns all sharing some seriously prime New England coastline—is both everything you expect and enjoyably unpredictable.

10 Fun Facts About Newport

  1. 1657: Newport operated the first ferry service in the nation.
  2. 1716: Schoolhouse in Portsmouth is built, and today is the oldest schoolhouse in the United States.
  3. 1781: Newport held the first notable celebration of George Washington’s birthday, hosted by Count De Rochambeau of France.
  4. 1866: Newport had the first photograph taken by electric light.
  5. 1886: Newport was home to the first International Polo Match.
  6. 1884: Newport is home to the oldest US Naval War College.
  7. 1904: Newport was the site of the first automobile arrest in the country when the offender was charged with driving 15 miles per hour.
  8. 1930-1983: The prestigious America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport, was raced in the waters off Newport.
  9. Newport is home to the oldest typewriter in America which can be found at the Newport Historical Society.
  10. Newport has more colonial homes in use than any other location in the United States.
Two swans on the water
Newport Rhode Island
We stayed at Castle Hill Inn, a landmark Victorian mansion on 40 waterfront acres
Eggs Benedict breakfast in our room
A lighthouse on the famous “Cliff Walk” at dusk… 5 mins from Castle Hill Inn
View of the sunset from our room
Newport Rhode Island
High tea served in our room at Castle Hill Inn
The turret suite – the room we stayed in – housed a bathtub that had a panoramic view of the Narragansett Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Castle Hill Lighthouse.
In many gilded age mansions, faucets were connected to the salt water of the ocean
Himalayan Sea Salts in the bath
A container ship comes into dock – view from the room
Two miniature chocolates in the shape of a ship’s knot
Romantic scene at dusk outside the Inn.
Our room – The Turret Suite. 320-degree views of the surrounding land and waters.
Castle Hill Inn is a 4-star Forbes rated property “One of the finest four star properties in the world”
The Elms Mansion, Newport
The Elms Mansion on Bellevue Avenue
Exterior view of The Elms
Rosecliff Mansion, Newport Rhode Island
Rosecliff Mansion on Bellevue Avenue in Newport
The Breakers Newport
The Breakers (iconic Vanderbilt $11-million home from the 1800s – now would be $150 million)
Marble House, Newport
Marble House (also a Vanderbilt Home) on Bellevue Avenue
Newport Rhode Island
Enjoying driving around in a Porsche in Newport!
I love being by the ocean

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