Cape Town Film Studios

Who thought that South Africa couldn’t have its own Hollywood? On the way to Stellebosch from Cape Town, there are huge mysterious structures which have been popping up for some time in an area which a signboard pointing to it labels “Cape Town Film Studios”. Phase 1 ended at the end of last year. That was the construction of sound stages, production offices, workshops, retail spaces, commercial offices and light industrial facilities. There are massive sets which are being built to mimic scenes that are frequently needed for films. For instance, there’s a typical New York street set being built and a typical USA style suburb. Also being built inside the studios are the interior sets which are magnificent replicas of the interior of a medieval castle and caves. Currently there are two drama documentaries being filmed at the studios. These are “The Great British Story” and “The History of the World”. The CEO of the Cape Town Film Studios is a guy called Nico Dekker. He is the former head and CEO of Table Mountain Motion Picture Studios and is assisted by an experienced management team, namely Rashay Magan (General Manager and deputy Chairman), Ross Rayners (Manager of Studio Projects),  Fadiel Martin (Accountant) and Anant Singh (Chairman). He was in fact interviewed on CNN. On its website, it’s described as “Cape Town’s first, fully fledged sound stage complex”. Even famous vistors are impressed. Stephen Fry said on Twitter during the filming of “The Borrowers”:

“And – that’s a wrap. 12 hours of larkish fun. Must say deeply impressed with brand new Cape Town Studios. Make Pinewood etc look v shabby”

The Studios have received write-ups  in The Hollywood Reporter and Time Magazine. Take a look at their website:

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