The Launch of Vision Music Records

Last week I went to two fantastic events in one night. The first was the launch of a new recording label in Atlantis, Cape Town. Laurenzo Davids – brother of our “Idols” Season 5 co-winner Sasha-Lee –  launched Vision Music Records or “VMR” for short. If you would like to get updates on the label’s ongoings in the music industry, join their facebook page HERE. You can connect with them on Twitter HERE.

Most of You know us as LOWAFFY PRODUCTIONS! We are an Independent Record Label, signing new upcoming artists and producing music. Music lessons are now available too! Contact us for further info!

with Laurenzo, founder

The venue was simply perfect. There was champagne and soft drinks for everyone, as well as snacks going around during what must have been one of the most moving speeches I’ve heard in a while. Laurenzo Davids has such a charm about him and speaks totally from the heart. He highlighted his journey to this point; where his passion for singing has been met with his passion for people in this new venture. Respect! He thanked his family and, of course, certain friends who have been very much involved in the “vision” that is “Vision Music Records”. Atlantis can certainly be proud of this beacon of hope and his talented family, who obviously have a gift for helping others and creating beautiful opportunities for their community in Atlantis. With a few artists already signed to the label, I’m sure the new business will be extremely successful, rewarding and not to mention exciting for this group of entrepreneurs.

with Sasha-Lee Davids
with Gio Davids

The second event was the Linkin Park Concert!

Held at the Cape Town stadium, it was absolutely incredible! What an adrenalin rush. I also have their new CD which I literally cannot stop listening to. Go buy it now!

Upcoming concerts in Cape Town are:

Lady Gaga

The Parlotones

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Chris Brown

and Justin Bieber!

Here is the music video for one of Linkin Parks’s latest songs, “Castle of Glass” :

I simply love it!

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  1. Chelsea-lin says:

    What a GREAT evening!!! 🙂

  2. shannon roman says:

    Had a looovely time! Awesome night!

  3. Johannes Nuweland says:

    Hi im a gospel artist that recently record a cd,but i need someone to market it for me,am i at right place?

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